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Aspirin Use in Some Seniors Questioned by a New Study

An article from the Health Day News has reported on a study in Europe showing that the development of late stage ?wet? age related macular degeneration may be linked to the daily use of aspirin. Since aspirin has long been used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in seniors these developments are being looked at very closely.

Over 4,700 people were studied for three years and about one third that have wet AMD took aspirin on a daily basis.? The pill may also be responsible for another cause of blindness in seniors, ?dry? AMD, but fewer people were found to have this type of the disease.

The scientists quoted in the article were clear that in most cases no one should be ending aspirin use as a preventative for heart attack and stroke because the benefits outweigh the risks.? This is another study that looks into an area that affects many seniors though – the potential effects of medications.

These reports can enlighten but also confuse people that care for a senior family member. A non-professional can get help from Specialty Care Services in the area of medication management. You can consult with one of our professional senior care service providers about this in an effort to keep your family member in the best of health.

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