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Your Fat can kill You

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There are? two kinds of fat that affect you middle regions?? subcutaneous fat you can see and pinch, and visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs inside the body. Subcutaneous fat, which?is mainly?carried in the hips, thighs, arms and legs, may be unwanted, but not particularly dangerous.

Visceral can be dangerous. Studies show a link between a large waist measurement?and a higher risk of death?? even among people who aren’t overweight. In fact, your waist size, which often reflects the amount of visceral fat you have, may be a better predictor of disease than your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Until recently fat?cells were believed to?merely?store fat.? Researchers now consider visceral fat an active organ, because it actually secretes harmful hormones to the body.? These secretions?block the body’s ability to use insulin, which can?lead to?Type 2 diabetes and?heart disease. Women’s risk of heart disease rises after menopause, because that’s when?they begin to accumulate belly fat. Visceral fat may also cause colon cancer and postmenopausal breast cancer.? This type of fat?is also?associated with a higher risk of?other?types of cancers and?poor brain health.

It can be?difficult?to lose belly fat. A nutritious low calorie?diet and cardiovascular exercise?can help?reduce the amount of visceral fat.??Despite information presented in many?workout videos and magazines,?abdominal exercises like sit-ups will not banish belly fat. These types of?exercises?may tone and strengthen the?abdominal muscles, but they won’t?burn the fat around the muscles. ?The method is?to find a physical activity you enjoy and that you?can do regularly.?Remember, although?smoking?may?control your appetite,?it will?also redistribute your?weight to the?abdominal?area.

A? Specialty Care Services home care?nursing professional can assist you in establishing a diet and exercise program to keep you healthy and fit.


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