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Your Daily Workout Might Not Be Enough

There is no doubt at all that regular exercise has plenty of health benefits ? it keeps your weight in check, helps put you in a better mood, makes getting good sleep easier and helps to ward off plenty of conditions and diseases, but how you spend the rest of your day may have a big effect on just how much your exercise routine does for you.

A study performed by an American Cancer Society researcher and published in an online edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology, which was comprised of nearly 125,000 subjects and spanned more than a decade was said to reveal that too much time sitting may increase the mortality rate of even those who exercise regularly.

Though this news is certainly a bit disheartening, it doesn?t at all mean that you should forego your regular exercise plan; in fact it means that you should make an effort to move even more.? In addition to your daily workout, select a few active hobbies to occupy your time rather than spending all the hours of your day with sedentary ones.

Try keeping your workout just as it is, then add in a leisurely walk after breakfast, after dinner or even both; walk to the mailbox or corner store instead of driving and try gardening in favor of an activity that you perform while seated, it can be every bit as relaxing as knitting or needlepoint but you?ll benefit even more just because you won?t be sitting.

Prior to changing or increasing your daily exercise, consult your doctor or home nurse to ensure that the activities that you are choosing are appropriate and if you should need help finding safe and effective ways to get up out of your chair your health care provider should certainly be able to help you with that as well.

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