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Your Boss Can Make You Sick

The biggest health problem in the workplace is managers who have unrealistic expectations or who are?constantly critical of their employees. Workers who are bullied by their bosses are at higher risk of heart disease. And unhappy and stressed workers often?take their problems home with them, causing?conflict at home.

So,?how do you deal with workplace stress without ruining your home and personal life?

The first?thought that may come to mind is to resign,?which?may or may not be an option.??In the case where there?is?concern for your immediate safety, then that may be the only?option.? The following are suggestions of how to?deal with a stressful work environment.

Talk to your boss. Be constructive, not confrontational. Your boss may?also be?under a great deal of pressure,?which can lead to?stress; so try to find some common ground. Take the opportunity to talk about what extra value you can bring to the organization.

Find an outlet. Try yoga or meditation to help ease?stressful feelings. Find a hobby like writing or painting.? Who knows, it could lead to?new?career opportunities.? Try to spend more time with your family and don?t dwell on work when you?re at home.

Talk to your HR department,?but try to work it out with your boss first before ?taking it upstairs?.

Move to a different department, but don?t burn any bridges. Say ?I need a fresh challenge? not ?I can?t stand my boss?.?

Find a new job if all else fails.??This is the best option If there?s no improvement in your situation over time.? Start searching, and take your time to identify the right opportunity.? A new work?environment could make all the difference.

A Home Care Nurse professional can provide companionship during?times of stress, which can be therapeutic and prevent some stressed induced illnesses.??

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