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You Are What You Eat!

Some people seem to survive cold and flu season with nary a sniffle, while others continually catch colds, have ?stuffed up? noses and hacking coughs.?So what’s the difference between these two groups?

Research shows your cold and flu vulnerability may come from unexpected habits, such as how much sugar you eat, or how dry your nose is.?Really!

You have a sweet tooth. Eating too much sugar doesn’t just add pounds; 100 grams of sugar (about three cans of soda) hampers the white blood cells ability to kill bacteria up to 5 hours.

Not enough of ?the right kind? of fluids. Your body needs fluids to flush out toxins. Water (as well as coffee and tea) are best.? How much you need daily varies from person to person. If your urine is pale yellow you’re drinking the right amount.??Water may be healthier, but well or tap water may contain toxins linked to cancer, and can affect the immune system as well. Drink purified bottled water instead.

You’re overweight. Excess weight is bad for the heart, brain and other organs; and it?s also bad for the immune system. Excess weight causes imbalances and inflammation that prevents the immune system from fighting infections effectively.

Dry Nose. Believe it or not, a runny nose is actually a good defense against colds and the flu.?Mucus traps viruses and clears them from the body. If your nasal passages are too dry, germs have an easier time. Irrigate your nasal passages with a squeeze bottle of saline solution and use a humidifier.

Stress. Stress weakens your immune system. In addition, stressed can make flu symptoms worse.

Specialty Care Services Professional Home Care nurse can assist their patients with maintaining a?healthier diet and exercise regimen.


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