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Yoga as Therapy

Most of us know that regular exercise provides a wide range of health benefits, but many seniors and mid lifers?often feel that the traditional exercises are too strenuous and?time consuming.? Many may feel that?they can no longer participate?because of chronic health conditions. Many people are not aware that exercise does not need to be strenuous? to be effective.? By using mind and body exercises like?Yoga and T?ai Chi, older adults can achieve greater health and vitality without the risk of damaging muscles and joints.

Yoga is an ideal choice for older adults because it affects the whole person: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Yoga increases vital energy while strengthening and relaxing the body.?? It also helps to focus the mind and nurture the spirit.

Yoga breathing exercises increases respiratory function, breath capacity, and physical energy. Unlike walking or jogging, both the upper and lower body benefits from Yoga exercises. Those with limited?flexibility can also?practice Yoga, which?can improve?your?flexibility, balance, posture, heart and respiratory function.?Increased flexibility in turn?improves function and mobility,?which?can provide?protection from falls. Other benefits of yoga are?increased vitality and?a sense of well-being.

Wellness?is both a physical and a spiritual challenge, requiring not only physical fitness, but also the spiritual and emotional?fitness.? Through relaxation and physical exercises, Yoga can?enhance individual?wellness when coupled with??the care given by a dedicated Home Nursing Professional from Specialty Care Services.


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