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Winter?s Hidden Health Dangers

Winter?can present?a whole set of unique health hazards that everyone should be aware of.? Here are some common weather related?health dangers you should know about:

Heart Attack and Stroke. ?Most of us know that shoveling snow can cause heart attacks. But it?s the cold, not just the?snow that poses the threat. Arteries constrict when it’s?cold outside. The heart must work harder?when blood flow is restricted. Even small temperature drops can result in a rise in heart attacks.

High Blood Pressure When the cold weather constricts the arteries, it also?increases blood pressure. This conditions arises because there’s less space for blood to flow in the artery, which creates more resistance inside the blood vessels.

Vitamin D Deficiency??

Limited exposure to?sunshine during the winter months?can be dangerous.? Decreased?sunlight can lead to? a?vitamin D deficiency,?because this vitamin?is primarily absorbed through the skin. Low levels of vitamin D?have been linked to increased risk of osteoporosis, stroke, heart attacks, dementia, heart disease and parkinson’s disease. About 15 minutes of sunlight on the?arms each day is often enough.??It may be necessary for seniors to take a vitamin D supplement during the winter months.?This is especially important?for those?that?live in areas where? the amount of sunlight is extremely limited?during the winter?months.?

Winter Blues

Shorter days with less sunlight can?increase the?risk?for depression. ?Many also experience loss of energy, anxiety, oversleeping, social withdrawal and weight gain.? Prescribed doses of ?artificial light? can help.

Respiratory Problems

Cold weather can bring on?respiratory problems such as asthma and increase the?risk of pneumonia. Emphysema may also worsen as cold, dry air restricts breathing.?

A Specialty Care Services?home care nursing professional?can?assist their patients with the necessary lifestyle changes needed to remain healthy and safe during the winter season and?all year around.

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