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Why you CAN?T Eat ?Just One?!

Remember that Potato Chip commercial that says ?Bet you can?t eat just one??

Well, most of us CAN?T eat just one potato chip! And intrepid researchers have found the evidence why we can?t!

Apparently, it?s a condition called ?hedonic hyperphagia?– the scientific term for ?excessive eating for pleasure, rather than from hunger?, and it plagues hundreds of millions of people. In other words, it?s recreational over-eating; and it can occur in almost everyone. In the USA obesity threatens the health of two out of every three persons.

Researchers used lab rats to study the ?can?t eat just one? syndrome. Rats in one group were allowed to feast on potato chips, while other groups were fed normal rat food or a mixture of fat and carbohydrates.

The researchers found that ?chip group? more actively ?pursued? their food, and were more active after eating than the other groups. Using MRI scanning, they found that the reward and addiction centers as well as the food intake, sleep, activity and motion areas of the brain were stimulated differently in the potato chip group.

Food affects the ?reward center? in the brain, so those who don?t indulge in snack foods may have a different brain ?reward system? or may have stronger willpower than the ?serial muncher?.

Pinpointing the molecular trigger in snacks that stimulate the brain?s reward center may make it possible to develop drugs that block the attraction to snack foods, and keep people from overeating, or, alternatively, entice people to eat more healthy foods.

Imagine Brussels? sprouts as a favorite party snack!

A primary goal of any Caretaker is to ensure their patient is eating healthy meals and exercising appropriately. Nutritional snacks and meals can extend and improve the health and outlook of patients under their care.


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