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Why Home Care Is Better for Aging Parents than the Nursing Home

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When asked, most senior citizens would prefer to remain in the familiarity of their home, rather than being moved to a nursing home. Home is just a more comfortable and appealing place, where you?re surrounded by memories and favorite things. In comparison, a nursing facility can be a cold and strange place where everyone is a stranger. This is why many families opt for home care in Washington, DC, for the seniors in their lives.

Another key reason is independence. At home, your elderly parent still has a say in their care management plan, while in a nursing home, that is up to the health care professionals.

The Help Your Senior Needs at Home

Your loved one may be at the point where they are slowing down. This does not mean they are ready to enter a nursing home. When your parent?s health is good, they may require a little help around the house or basic services — for instance, assistance with bathing and grooming, meal preparation, household chores, and medication reminders. For such a senior, it is wise to think about home care first.

Services are available to allow your senior citizen to remain self-sufficient and retain their dignity by living in the family home. Reach out to a Washington, DC home care for a consultation.

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