Why a Personalized Home Health Plan Is Better than In-Office Care

home care nurse taking patient?s blood pressure
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You may worry about your aging parent, as it seems they are struggling to take care of themselves and their home. What they may need is something in-between trying to do everything themselves and moving into a nursing facility. This would be home health care services in Washington, DC.

With this option, your loved one would get the help they need right at home. After an assessment of their needs, a home health care agency would choose a caregiver for your parent. This way, they would get the necessary assistance without leaving the house for help with Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and more.

The Comfort & Convenience of Care Right at Home

Currently, this situation is much more challenging for your parent and yourself. They need transportation to a clinic or medical facility for treatment, but they may not be able to drive. It?s more convenient for everyone when a caregiver can come to them weekly, daily, or even on a live-in basis.

Such services apply to someone who is recovering from surgery, requires hospice care, or who has trouble getting around the house or getting out of bed. Talk to home health services about the assistance your parent would need to remain in the family home.