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Why a Memory Care Program is Vital for Seniors

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nurse with alzheimer?s patientOne of the things that Specialty Care Services strives to do is improve the quality of life for seniors. What sets us apart from other home health agencies near Bethesda, MD is that we have specialized services for diagnoses like dementia and Alzheimer?s. Quality memory care is essential for maintaining a good quality of life for seniors.

Mental Stimulation

Regular mental exercise becomes more important as we age. The company of a specialized caregiver provides seniors with a conversation partner. This human contact can help stimulate their minds in the same way that isolation can exacerbate dementia and Alzheimer?s.

Familiar Surroundings

We can provide care for seniors in their own homes, which is unusual for patients with Alzheimer?s or dementia. The familiar surroundings in their homes can help preserve their memories. Being moved to somewhere unfamiliar, like a nursing home or assisted living facility may have the opposite effect.

Quality Care and Compassion with Difficult Diagnoses

Dementia and Alzheimer?s are difficult diagnoses, and it can be very challenging to care for a loved one whose memory is failing. Our caregivers have the training and experience needed to care for these seniors in their own homes with compassion. We care about providing your loved one with the best quality of life possible. Contact us for more information about our memory care services.

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