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Which Diet Works Best?

Researchers looked at three types of popular diets?? low-fat, very-low-carb and low-glycemic?? to see which one helped the best to keep off the pounds.

21 overweight adults followed each of the diets for one month for each diet. Participants burned the least number of calories following the low-fat diet, and the most number of calories following a very-low-carb diet.

However,these ??high-protein? diets also showed markers for stress and inflammation which are bad for the heart. The best diet, in terms of extra calories burned without unhealthy side effects, turned out to be the low-glycemic diet, which burned an extra 150 calories a day. A low-glycemic diet prescribes foods that are digested slowly, such as minimally processed grains, beans, vegetables, fruits and nuts, all of which make one feel full for a longer period of time.

Some experts, however, think it’s premature to suggest that one diet is better than another. They argue that people need to find the diet that ?works for them?. Research also discovered that people who successfully lose weight don’t typically switch to a whole new diet; they just consume fewer calories?by eating less of what they usually eat, and exercising more.

But the study does provide important evidence about the effectiveness of different weight loss diets. If an additional 150 calories a day could be lost following a low-glycemic diet, that would add up to serious weight loss over time. Perhaps the best thing anyone with a weight problem can do is not to?choose, but to seek professional guidance?when trying to?determine which diet plan will work best for them.?

A?professional Home Care Nurse from Specialty Care Services can?provide assistant in preparing the?meals recommended by a nutritional professional, as well as providing other home care services.

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