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Which Diet Plan is the Best?

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There are three basic types of diets, low-fat, low-carb, and low-glycemic. Which one is the best?

Researchers had 21 overweight adults lose 10 to 15 percent of their body weight. The participants then followed each of the diets for three months. The results showed that participants lost the least number of calories following the low-fat diet, and the most with a ?low-carb diet But high-protein diets also caused subjects to have symptoms of stress and inflammation, <!–more–> which are bad for the heart.

The best diet in terms of extra calories burned without unhealthy side effects is the low-glycemic diet. ?That?s because A low-glycemic diet uses foods that are digested slowly, such as less ?processed? grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and nuts. When eaten, these foods make people feel ?full? for a longer period of time, thus cutting done the tendency to eat between meals . The combination of a low-glycemic diet, and burning off an additional 150 calories a day by exercise would add up to significant weight loss.

Some experts, however, say that it?s wrong to assume one diet is always better than another. They advise finding the diet that works for you. In fact, many people who have successfully lost weight, ?and kept it off, don’t use a ?diet plan? at all. They just consume fewer calories by eating healthier food, and eating less of what they usually eat.

And they exercise more.

So the trick is to maintain a good low-glycemic diet and exercise.? This is where a professional home care nurse can help. They can choose the right diet and exercise routine to maintain good health and keep your weight down.


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