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When Mom and Dad Move In

The decision to move?parents into your household can be a difficult one.?Maybe mom?and/or dad can?t afford to live alone or take care of themselves any more. Even moving in?one parent that is?use to being independent can be a challenge for every?member of the current?household.

Multi-generational households are on the rise?in the United States; recent studies show the number of households with elderly residents is now 7.1 million. In a culture with an aging population that values independence and an active lifestyle; families face a challenge in caring for their elderly parents.

It?s a major social change that can bring rewards as well as stress.?Some of the?benefits are?saving money and?keeping an aging loved one nearby, involved and safe. ?Multi-generational? households also traditionally forge closer bonds between generations. Some of the stress can come from the senior’s reaction to the loss of independence and autonomy.?Even in the midst of a loving family, an aging parent may experience?feelings?of loss. Those emotions may be expressed in?the form of behavior that?is resistant to change?or controlling. ?Dealing with this dynamic requires planning, understanding and communication about ground rules and boundaries.? ?Mom and/or dad should no longer be treated as a ?house guest?.? They?should also be required to?adapt to the rules and routines of the household.? This change can be difficult for seniors because it can leave them feeling?useless or invisible.

Before making the move, consider having Mom and/or Dad over for a few days and nights? for a??trial run?. This?will give everyone the opportunity to?identify any potential problems that can be addressed before the final?move-in.??Specialty Care Services? can provide home care nursing professionals?to attend to the individual?needs of?mom and/or dad.?This?assistance?will help make the transition of a working family? moving?elderly parents into their?home easier.

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