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What You Eat Can Make You Depressed

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What are??Unhappy Meals???? They are? foods that contain little?to no nutrients.? These foods are full of sugar and dangerous fats that can?lead to?obesity?and depression.

Potato Chips: This?snack is often fried in oils that block?healthy mood-enhancing, brain-building acids.? Frying potatoes also creates the carcinogen acrylamide. For a healthier form of potato chip, slice and bake smaller spuds with the?red or blue skin intact. The skins of these potatoes have nutrients that benefit the mind and body.

Ham: Conventional hams come from pigs injected with antibiotics, sugar, salt, fillers and preservatives that can cause migraines, swollen ankles, and depression. Try pasture-raised pork loin instead?as a source of thiamine for a well functioning nervous system.? An alternative to pork is wild Alaskan salmon that has memory-preserving chemicals, which can be?effective in treating depression.? This type of fish is also lower in contaminants such as mercury

Soft Drinks: The average American drinks 600 sodas a year, which can?lead to the build up of?fat inside our bodies and mood swings. Try organic fruit juices?or a glass of?water with a?lemon?as an alternative.

Margarine: Margarine?is made of industrial fats. High levels affect mood and?insulin levels. The bottom line:? Margarine is?highly processed?food. Use butter instead.

Bagels: Bagels are loaded with refined carbs that affects energy and mood. Have an organic egg breakfast full of brain and mood enhancing B vitamins, zinc, and iodine.

Salted peanuts: Packaged, salted peanuts are high in sodium and additives, including MSG, which has been?linked to migraines and breathing problems.? Instead, ?go nuts? with walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.

Vegetable shortening: Avoid vegetable shortening for the same reason you should avoid fat-derived margarine?an increase in fatty acids that block out brain-building.? Although lard gets a bad rap, pastured lard contains oleic acid?an unsaturated fat linked to decreased risk of depression.

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