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What to ask your Doctor

Smart questions can?mean better answers, which can result in better health.

Doctors are always rushed, so patients need to know what questions to ask. Don’t wait until something bad gets worse. Here are some questions you should ask your doctor.

Should I start taking aspirin daily? ?One baby aspirin (81 mg) daily can help prevent strokes and heart attacks, if you have blood clotting issues, stomach ulcers or take blood thinners your doctor may advise against it as aspirin affects clotting and can cause stomach bleeding.

Am I at a healthy weight?? Describe your diet and exercise routines and ask how to improve them. For women after menopause, hormonal changes often make controlling weight difficult. ?Diabetes or thyroid issues affect weight for both men and ask what your healthy weight should be and how to get there.

I?m always feeling sad, listless and disengaged. Ask your doctor to screen you for depression if you’ve been feeling hopeless or had little interest or pleasure in doing things for more than two weeks. They will ask questions about energy level, sleep patterns and any suicidal feelings, and may also test for other conditions.

What are my treatment options?? Ask about the benefits and side effects of any medicine, and ask about alternatives – including interactions with medicines you?re already taking.

Don?t hesitant to ask questions about any diagnosis and the probability of the diagnosis being correct. 15% of medical cases are misdiagnosed, which can be?dangerous and have?fatal results.

A Specialty Care Services Home Care Nurse?professional can accompany?patients to their appointments and help them to prepare the questions?that they will need to ask the doctor.?

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