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Weight Loss surgery Gets FDA Approval for Larger Group of Patients

The war against obesity now has another ally as the Lap-Band gastric bypass procedure received FDA approval for people with a BMI of over 30 and at least one other obesity related health risk.? The approval comes on the heels of many denied prescription weight loss medications and makes the Lap-Band procedure the only approved surgical option for those with a BMI from 30-35. According to statistics there are nearly 40 million Americans with a body mass index between 30 and 40 who have at least one other obesity related health condition.? The Lap-Band procedure would give many of these people an opportunity to get their weight under control and keep it at a healthier level through diet and exercise. Though Lap-Band surgery can make a dramatic difference in a reasonably quick period of time it is far from a ?quick fix? solution to obesity.? Success with any method of weight loss, including surgery, requires major lifestyle changes and a serious commitment to those changes in order to maintain results. Prior to considering any option for weight loss it is important to discuss your personal situation with your health care provider.? Your doctor or health care provider may be able to offer safer and much less stressful alternatives, like changes to diet and participation in daily exercise, which may prove just as successful in your situation.

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