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Weight and Alzheimer Disease

A recent article on WebMD looked at a study that found that older adults who eat from 2,000 to 6,000 calories a day were about twice as likely to develop memory problems as those who ate less. The findings are scheduled to be presented to the Academy of Neurology in New Orleans.

The study resulted in some interesting findings that relate cognitive impairment problems to a person?s diet. Researchers had 1,200 people between the ages of 70 and 89 describe their diets for the previous year. Those who had the highest calorie intake had twice the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment. The story quotes Dr. Mark Gordon who believes the Alzheimer?s patient may be overweight because he has forgotten how much he has eaten.

The differences in opinion among medical professionals on these findings could easily lead to confusion for the lay person who is responsible for caring for an elderly loved one. Hiring a home health aide is one thing a caregiver can do to relieve some of the stress that goes with helping a family member that suffers from mild cognitive impairment. A professional senior care service provider can suggest a healthy diet plan and help with grocery shopping to relieve some of the stress associated with providing senior care.

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