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Want to Live Longer? Get MAD!

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People who express emotions such as anger, fear or anxiety, can expect to live up to a full two years longer than those who keep their emotions bottled up.
Researchers looked at more than 6,000 patients and found that those who internalized their anger had elevated pulses, a condition that often leads to high blood pressure,?heart disease, cancer, kidney damage and other life-threatening problems.

People who avoid risks and have a high level of control over their emotions, also exhibit a higher heart rate and pulse as well as other signs of stress and anxiety. These symptom?are often found more in women because of? societal pressure to be nice and?repress?anger.

Women often feel that expressing their anger makes them unattractive, unappealing and threatening. As a result, many?women?suffer from?higher rates of headaches and stomach aches.?On the other hand, women who expressed their emotions felt better about themselves, and?were more often successful at achieving their overall goals.? It is important to note that?not all expressions of anger will lead to a positive result.? There are important differences between healthy?and unhealthy venting. Expressing anger in a?volatile?manner?can lead to heart disease.? Besides, screaming and destroying property?never helps the situation.

Specialty Care Services home care nursing?professionals?can assist patients with many of their?needs.? People?tend to exhibit a calmer demeanor when their needs are being met on a regular basis.? This type of assistance can also?ease the level of?anxiety, guilt and helplessness that?a family struggling to care for a senior may experience.

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