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Want to Ease your Aching ? Get Moving

For those of you that suffer from joint pain on a regular basis, attempting to alleviate it by doing more moving seems like the most painful possible solution to the problem, but in order to move without pain, you?ve got to keep moving.

?If you don?t use it, you?ll lose it,? is a pretty accurate assessment of how your body reacts to a completely sedentary lifestyle.? Though you may not completely lose the ability to get around, the more time you spend avoiding movement, the more difficult and painful moving will become.

Regular exercise is not only beneficial to our bodies in terms of building and maintaining muscle and losing excess body fat, low impact movements also help to reduce your stiffness and keep your joints healthy and pain free.? As an added bonus, the weight loss from regular exercise will help to minimize everyday stress on the hip, knee and ankle joints which will help reduce lower body pain even further.

Even when you aren?t participating in your daily exercise routine, it?s important to get up and move around.? While watching television, knitting or performing other sedentary activities for extended periods, it?s good to switch positions frequently and to get up and move around a bit to reduce the possibility of stiffness and pain that could present itself after several hours in the same position.

Maintaining healthy joints and good mobility are one of the keys to remaining independent.? Being able to live at home with scheduled visits from a home nurse is a much more attractive option to most than being ushered off to a facility, but if you can?t move freely, the option of home care could be more of a dream than a reality.? Have a talk with your doctor to get some suggestions for low impact exercises that will help you keep your joints healthy and then start reaping the benefits of pain free movement.

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