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Vitamin D Deficiency and Senior Citizens

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In the past, doctors were very concerned with lack of Vitamin D among kids. In fact, food for children is reinforced with nutrient to avert bone diseases like calcium shortage or ?rickets?. Now, doctors have suddenly become more mindful about the lack of calcium in elder folks. The reason is calcium deficiency can always lead to bone disease, frailty of muscles, hip fractures, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular ailments, and arthritis.

What are the main sources of this nourishing substance?

You cannot find Vitamin D in many natural foods. Yet, it is essential in helping the body absorb calcium to build bone strength. It has the capacity to fight off numerous disorders and crucial for proper nerve function.
Vitamin D is present in cod liver oil as well as fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna. Cheese, beef liver and egg yolks also contain this type of vitamin.

Look for Vitamin D-strengthened foods. These have vitamin D added to them such as milk, cereals and juices.
Sunlight is probably the most valuable source of this nutrient because it converts good cholesterol compound to vitamin D in the human body. Senior citizens are also encouraged to take oral supplements of Vitamin D daily to minimize the risks of bone cracks.

Old folks are at risk since at the age of 50, you start to lose the capability of synthesizing Vitamin D from sunlight. Besides, it needs to be activated in your kidneys before this can be utilized by the body. Said function also diminishes with age. Elderly persons are less likely to indulge in outdoor work-outs and activities. Medical researchers found out it requires no less than 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight two times weekly in generating enough Vitamin D from the sun.

Considering that old men and women are more at risk for vitamin D deficit, there have been numerous studies to establish if supplements can be useful in preventing falls and fractures. Certain studies discovered that a supplement of 400 international units or IU daily is sufficient and effective for reducing falls and fractures among old folks. Nonetheless, too much of this vitamin can bring about an increase in your calcium level. This may cause mental bewilderment and heart arrhythmia. Over-exposure to the sun also is a probable cause for skin cancer.

A professional home care nurse from SCS can formulate a diet that will provide the proper amount of Vitamin D that you need.

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