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Video Game Can Improve Cognitive Function in Seniors

A recent study by researchers at North Carolina State University looks at the effects that participating in the online computer game World of War has on those with cognitive impairment. It is one of the studies conducted by the University?s Gains through Gaming lab.

The participants were tested to get a reading on their cognitive abilities including memory, spatial ability and their ability to focus their attention. They played the game over a two week period while another control group did not. The members of the group with poor spatial ability and focus showed improvement in both of those areas after the gaming. Those with better ability in focus and spatial tasks did not show much improvement. The control group showed no improvements in any area.

Participating in challenging games with the person you are caring for can be a pleasant diversion from the hectic pace you may be dealing with. Knowing you may be helping your loved one improve or maintain their cognitive ability is also a great feeling.

Enlisting the help of a home health aide is another way to relieve some of that hectic pace you may be keeping. A professional senior care provider can help with medicine management, grocery shopping and can provide companionship to give the caregiver some respite for a few hours a day to recharge.

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