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Using Booze to Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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There have been past studies that have shown that moderate alcohol consumption can decrease a person?s chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis, but a new study reveals the possibility that moderate consumption of adult beverages may also help ease the pain of those who already have the disease.

Though researchers admit that much more research would be required to completely conclude the affects of alcohol on RA, but patients who participated in the study who drank at least ten alcoholic beverages per month had approximately 20%-30% less pain and inflammation than did participants who did not drink at all.

Moderate alcohol consumption has been shown to have other positive effects on health as well, but the key to success with this type of ?treatment? lies in the fact that the patient completely understands that the consumption only needs to be moderate.? Excessive alcohol consumption can bring about more problems than benefits, so moderation is certainly key.

Doctors and home health aides should also be notified if a patient is considering adding alcohol to their diet as many medications don?t mix well with alcohol.? A perfect example is the drug that many RA patients take, methotrexate, which can be toxic to the liver if mixed with alcohol.

Though this sounds like a promising and pleasant way to treat your pain, you may want to look for other methods to alleviate your pain, considering the potential negatives involved.? Your doctor or home nurse can most likely provide you with a list of joint friendly exercises that will strengthen your muscles and tendons and help to naturally ease the symptoms of RA.

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