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Understanding Medicare is Necessary for Planning the Future

A recent article in the Senior Journal looked at a study that evaluated the knowledge baby boomers and Medicare recipients have of Medicare benefits. They found that up to 33% of recipients did not know exactly what Medicare benefits can be expected.

One third of Medicare recipients for instance did not know how much of their doctor visits or hospital stays were covered by the program. Many of those surveyed were unaware that vision care and hearing benefits were not available through Medicare. Over 66% were unaware of what Medicare pays for Long Term care costs. This lack of knowledge is a major concern considering just how many people are expected to participate in Medicare within the next decade.

Those surprised by the additional expenses have told researchers they cut back on doctor visits, reduced their health plan coverage and take generic drugs. Some respondents even reported cutting pills in half to make prescriptions last longer. The information on Medicare is available online so many caregivers can use that as a starting point to help educate loved ones about to receive Medicare.

The expenses Medicare does cover for Long Term Care and what Medicare offers for in home assistance can be discussed with a professional at Specialty Care Services. Caregivers will want to be sure that all help available is being received. Relying on an experienced professional senior care provider can be a great relief to someone offering in home assistance to a senior.

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