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Tricks to Get Better Sleep

Restless nights full of mediocre sleep and tossing and turning can leave you feeling worn out and unmotivated all day long.? Even if you?re past the point of retirement, there are plenty of things that need to be done during the day and feeling exhausted certainly won?t help you get them done.? If you want to feel better and more energized during the day, you probably need to get better sleep at night ? and here are some tricks that can help you do it.

Using your living room as your living room and your bedroom as a bedroom can lead to a more restful night?s sleep.? Avoid planning on watching a show, watching a movie, eating or playing a game of solitaire in bed ? the excitement, stimulation or aggravation will most likely keep you up longer than you?d intended and doing a multitude of activities in bed can make it difficult to identify the actual time you went to sleep, which can seriously throw off your schedule.? In order to make the most of your time in bed, schedule a bedtime that will allow you at least seven consecutive hours and make an effort to stick to it.

Getting on a consistent daily schedule for the majority or your activities, not just bedtime, can help you to get better sleep as well.? Seniors who are past retirement age often fall out of regular habits, but if you stick to a scheduled time to get up every morning, set regular meal times and regular times for activities sticking to your bed time will be much easier.

Making sure that you get your daily exercise can do wonders for your sleep habits as well.? You don?t have to run a marathon or take up body building, but a simple 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day, like walking will get you looking, feeling and sleeping better in no time.

Remember to consult your doctor or health aide prior to beginning a new exercise program and if the night time sleeplessness continues after you?ve tried the tricks and tips above, you might want to discuss your diet and medications with your doctor or home nurse to see if any of the things that you are consuming are interfering with your regular sleep pattern.

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