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Tips For Remembering Things

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Everyone forgets things from time to time. For most people, especially seniors, it?s easy to forget where you last put your keys or where you parked your car in a large lot. But by paying closer attention and learning special techniques, it?s easy to find ways to remember almost anything.

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Pay close attention

In many cases, it?s hard for us to remember things because we weren?t paying close enough attention initially. This is often true with names. So, when you meet someone new, really listen to the person?s name and give eye contact while you?re making introductions. Because it?s easy to remember images, picture the person doing something that will jog your memory. For example, if you just meet a Candace, picture her eating candy. And say the name two or three times during your first meeting.

You can use a similar technique to remember where your car?s parked in a crowded lot. First, pay attention to where you parked, noting your section number. Say the section name aloud a few times. And make a mental image for yourself. If you?re parked in 2A, you can picture two ants fighting over your parking space, so you don?t forget.

Develop systems to help keep things in order

Sometimes, setting routines or patterns is the best way to remember things. Always misplace your keys? Try putting a special try or basket near the door or a hook on your wall so you get accustomed to putting them in the same place every time.

And for birthdays, rely on an automatic notification system, like Facebook or online calendar alerts. Program each friend?s birthday, and you?ll never miss a special date, even if you don?t remember.

Good luck making these memory enhancers work for you. And for professional in-home care, call Specialty Care Services today.

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