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Tips for Keeping Your Mind Sharp While Homebound

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For those who struggle with chronic pain, illness, or the symptoms of old age, being ?stuck? at home isn?t uncommon. As providers of home health care in Maryland, we understand the mental toll this situation can create for our patients. After many years of working with homebound patients, our caretakers have some great tips for keeping your mind sharp while taking care of yourself at home:

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Growth is life, and though you may not have a green thumb, growing plants can bring a new sense of purpose and responsibility to your daily routine. Many types of plants grow well indoors and are easy to care for, such as a spider plant.

Spruce Up the House

Even if your range or mobility is limited, there are plenty of low-key home improvement projects you can do. From clearing out clutter to rearranging the layout of a room, you?ll enjoy the benefits of focusing on tasks that feel rewarding when they?re completed.

Learn a New Craft

Art is a great way to combine motor skills with the imagination, keeping your mind and body active. From drawing and painting to sewing and crocheting, there are many crafts you can do right from the comfort of your couch or table.

Expand Your Knowledge

Like learning a new craft, learning is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. Our home health care providers suggest trying out puzzles or Sudoku, playing chess, listening to subject-specific podcasts, or taking online classes to exercise your brain on a daily basis.

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