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Tips for Dealing with Your Parent’s Stroke — Part 1: After a Stroke Care at Home

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Suffering a stroke is truly a life-changing experience–and not just for the patient. As a child of a stroke patient, you must also reevaluate your life and responsibilities as you begin to see your parent in a new light. Instead of being cared for, you are now called upon to be the caregiver to help your parent with after-stroke care. This role-reversal is difficult for children as they witness their mother or father age, as well as for the parents, who must adapt to losing a degree of independence.

Here, you’ll learn more about home health services in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding communities, as well as the health and wellness components of caring for your parent after a stroke. In Part 2, we’ll move on to more practical matters of post-stroke care, such as transportation, home safety, and finances.

Medical Appointments & Instructions

Everyone has the right to doctor-patient confidentiality. Some parents like to keep their doctor appointments private, while others may want you there next to them to translate the doctor’s jargon. The best approach is to simply ask your parent how involved they would like you to be. You may want to set up home health care for them.


Your parents may not want you to monitor their prescriptions like a hawk. However, it can’t hurt to set up a delivery or reminder program to ensure that they’re taking the right pills at the right times. There is also a wide range of pill counters and devices to help keep everything straight.


A common symptom of strokes is the loss of appetite or the initiative to prepare food. To ensure that your parent is eating healthily, you can schedule a weekly supper, go grocery shopping with them, or arrange for a friend to drop off nutritious meals.

Mental & Emotional Health

It’s important not to forget the mental and emotional aspects of a stroke. Simply spending time with your parents is a great way to ensure that their mind stays fit.

Check out Part 2 for more information about supporting your parent with after a stroke.

To learn more about customized after stroke care and home health services in Silver Spring, MD and nearby araes, contact the care professionals at Specialty Care Services at 301-585-6300. Please see our full service area, including Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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