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Things You Didn’t Know About Food

1. Waste.? It may be a surprise to learn that hunger and starvation around the world is not due to a lack of food. The world produces enough food to feed every person on earth. The problem is distribution — the food doesn’t always get to the people who need it.

An even worse problem can be seen in wealthy, developed nations. In the USA, just one family of four wastes 1,656 pounds (751 kilograms) of food every year.

2. Poultry Overachievers. In the wild, chickens produce about 15 eggs a year. But farmers have bred domesticated chickens to lay up to 200 or 300 eggs a year.? That?s no ?yolk?.

3. The Breadbasket. The Western Hemisphere supplies the majority of the foods used in cuisines around the world. Until 500 years ago, no one outside of the Americas had ever tasted chili peppers, chocolate or tomatoes. Now those ingredients are common in meals worldwide.

4. Table Manners. Americans didn’t start using forks until the mid 1800s. Before then, they lived literally from ?hand to mouth? – using their fingers, knives and spoons.

5. Confucius says. The Chinese believe using chopsticks for eating instead of knives and pointed forks reflects the importance of scholars rather than warriors in Chinese culture.

5. Real Estate. Humans use about 40 percent of the world’s ice-free land to grow crops and livestock for food.

6. Spice Girls. Women who eat highly spiced foods while pregnant and breast-feeding can pass along that preference for spicy dishes to their children. That?s why children in India, Mexico and Thailand can tolerate foods too spicy for adults elsewhere.

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