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The Ten Most Serious Health Problems

The following health?conditions? can be found in both genders, but often?affect?men?and women at different rates.??

Heart Disease.??Heart attacks and strokes kill more people than all forms of cancer combined. Quit smoking and eat a low fat, low sodium diet.?

Cancer. Lung cancer is the most common cancer. Women are also affected greatly by breast and colorectal cancers. Have regular cancer screenings, stop smoking, use sunscreen and eat healthy.

  1. Stroke is the number three cause of death in women, and the number four cause of death in men. Smoking and excess weight are the main causes. Exercise and a healthy?diet helps.
  2. Respiratory Diseases. Smoking is the largest risk factor for?this condition.
  3. Injuries and Accidents. The leading source of accidental injuries is motor vehicle accidents. Wear seatbelts, drive safely, don?t drink alcohol before or while driving.
  4. Diabetes can cause kidney damage, heart disease and blindness. Lose weight, exercise and eat healthy.
  5. Alzheimer’s disease is the fifth-leading cause of death in women, and the tenth in men. The cause is unknown, but there may be a link to heart disease and head injuries.
  6. Influenza and Pneumonia. Influenza may cause complications such as pneumonia; both are potentially fatal. Wash your hands frequently and get a flu vaccination every year.
  7. Kidney disease is caused by high blood pressure or diabetes.? Keep your blood sugar under control.
  8. Septicemia, or blood poisoning, is usually a bacterial infection in the lungs or urinary tract. ?Wash your hands often and get any infections treated.


See your doctor regularly, and a trained home care nurse can help monitor health and life style to prevent accident and illnesses.

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