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The Senior Corps Offers Help and Companionship

The Senior Corps is a national program that offers three types of services to seniors and several opportunities for others to lend a helping hand. The RSVP program offers one stop shopping for those who want to pick which type of help they want to offer in their local community. The Foster Grandparent Program matches adults 55 and older with children who have special needs. The third program, The Senior Companion Program, brings together adults 55 and older with senior citizens who need help with activities of daily living.

This service can be a real help to those who are offering in home assistance to a family member. The volunteers can help with household chores or just keep a senior company while a family member goes out to get a well deserved break from their care giving duties.

Those providing care to senior loved ones need some respite from their duties in order to be able to continue to provide the appropriate level of care.? Home health aides can also provide assistance to family members caring for seniors but their training allows them to do even more than a volunteer. Professional senior care providers can offer medication management and nursing assistance to help relieve much of the stress associated with care giving.

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