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The Place you Call Home Could be a Factor in Heart Health

A newly published study comprised of information collected from more than three thousand people over the course of a twenty year period reveals some interesting facts about hypertension.? The study, which appears in the January edition of Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association, shows that factors like race, gender and geographic location can all play a part in developing the diseases.

According to information gathered by researchers, African Americans were at a higher risk for developing hypertension than whites.? The biggest discrepancy was seen among women with nearly 38% of African American women suffering from high blood pressure by the end of the study compared to just over 12% for white women.

The research also shows that people who live in the south have a greater risk of developing hypertension than those in the north.? Birmingham Alabama came in at the top position in terms of incidence of high blood pressure with more than thirty three percent.

While there are certain aspects identified in this study that can lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure that are completely beyond your control, there are factors that you can control.? Regardless of your geographic location, race or gender you can do your part to help lower your risk of thigh blood pressure by adopting healthier habits.

Consult your health care provider for safe and effective forms of exercise that are appropriate for your current fitness level.? Exercise is a great way to improve cardiovascular health and help to manage weight.? Your health care provider should also be able to provide good advice on dietary adjustments that can help make a difference in not only your heart health, but your overall health as well.

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