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The Mystery of Parkinson?s Disease

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Parkinson?s disease is a disorder that mostly affects older senior Americans. The case of Michael J. Fox has brought it into the public view but there still isn?t much known about how it develops.

There have been some risk factors that have been defined. Men have more of a tendency to develop it than women. Exposure to some toxins in pesticides and herbicides can be a factor, as can heredity. If you have a family member who has the disease, you have about a 4% chance to develop it yourself.

The symptoms can be somewhat mysterious and hard to notice first as well. The major symptom would be tremors in your hand which can go unnoticed for some time. You may not notice that your motion is slowing down and eventually you may get muscle rigidity and have problems with posture and balance.

Involuntary motions may be impaired too – blinking your eyes or even smiling may stop due to the disease. A lack of dopamine in the brain has been found in Parkinson?s sufferers and damage to nerve endings that prevents the manufacture of nor epinephrine. Why this damage occurs is unclear.

What is known is that seniors with this problem can use the help of a home health aide. Professional in home care providers are familiar with this disease and can help a family member with their activities of daily living. Specialty Care Services can provide the help you need to provide adequate care for loved ones with this mysterious condition.

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