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The Link Between Diabetes and Depression

The American Diabetes Association has reported that some studies show that people with diabetes can be more susceptible to depression than others. There is not much evidence that diabetes can physically cause depression, but the management of these debilitating disease can be stress inducing and lead to feelings of alienation.

The person who has some problems controlling their blood sugar can feel life is out of control and this can lead to depression. This state of mind may cause less careful management of the disease and ultimately create a cycle that leads to more desolation.

Family members and friends who are caring for a senior with these disease should be aware of the possible side effect. Senior care service providers should also be on the lookout for signs of depression in the seniors with diabetes that they care for. Changes in sleeping habits, including losing sleep and sleeping too much, can indicate depression. The senior may not be enjoying things that normally make them happy. A change in eating habits can be another indication that they are depressed.

The best way to fight this is to maintain proper management of the diabetes. Frequent discussions with the senior may reveal the telltale signs or feelings associated with depression. Once signs of depression are identified a senior care provider can begin the appropriate course of treatment to improve the senior?s mental state and overall health.

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