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The Importance Of Exercise For Seniors

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Participating in physical activity is important for everyone, but seniors especially can benefit from staying active. Regular exercise is a great way to help seniors stay mentally sharp and physically strong. And, it can even help to improve some disabilities and conditions in certain seniors.

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Why seniors don?t exercise

Many seniors are hesitant to get active. Some think physical activity will be too difficult or strenuous, and many others assume they?ll hurt themselves in the process. Lots of people also imagine needing expensive equipment or fancy gym memberships to get started.

But the truth is that seniors just need to get moving! They can participate in physical activities on their own like gardening or taking walks. Or, for more structured exercise, they can join neighborhood yoga, water aerobics, or weight training classes.

Benefits of fitness

Active seniors age better than sedentary ones. They maintain their independence longer, use fewer medicines, and have fewer doctors? visits. In fact, people who aren?t active are twice as likely to have heart disease as their counterparts. And exercise is an excellent treatment for many conditions, like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and balance issues.

In addition to aiding the body, staying active is great for the mind. Even moderate activity can elevate mood and help fight feelings of sadness or depression, along with helping to better cope with stress. It also helps cognitive functions, like being able to focus, make plans, and quickly transition from one task to another.

If you have senior-aged loved ones, make sure that they stay active! And for the best senior care in the District area, you can count on Specialty Care Services.


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