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The ?Home Care? Dilemma

Some of us are fortunate enough?to age gradually, and in such cases, caring for a senior loved one can be just a family matter, part of the family routine without personal and financial stress or strain.

Sometimes however, the change is sudden & swift: Grandpa has a stroke, Grandma has a heart condition; then caring and treatment for senior citizens by their families may become a burden. This change in?lifestyles and routines can affect the entire family by adding financial and psychological burdens. The natural?desire is for family members?to want to?provide personal care?to their elderly loved ones. But today, many family members??are working?full or part-time jobs,?caring for?children?and fulfilling numerous financial obligations?.

Worrying about elderly health care and caregiver duties triggers a myriad of concerns.? Recent studies estimate that families, friends, and often the patients themselves provide unpaid care worth over $360 billion per year!

That?s a?huge time commitment.? One that adds stress to the?family members acting as?caregivers and the seniors they care for. While we all want to give, and receive, the familiar ?hands-on? care from our loved ones, we must first determine?if?it is a?practical or?beneficial to provide care yourself while raising kids, managing a home and family and maintaining a career?? And do you or your family have the skills, training, knowledge, and time to deal effectively with both day-to-day care and sudden emergencies?

The best option may be to hire a professional Home Nursing Caregiver from Specialty Care Services. Specialty Care Services is a licensed nursing provider; offering a wide range of home care services. Whether the goal is extended home care or short time treatment after surgery,? hospital or hospice support; an experienced staff of caregivers are committed to providing the quality care required to meet those challenges.

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