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The Health Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

Specialty Care Services discusses the health benefits of socialization for seniors.
Specialty Care Services discusses the health benefits of socialization for seniors.
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It’s instinctive to the majority of us to know that socializing with others boosts well-being. It keeps us connected to other people’s experiences, beliefs, challenges, humor, points of views, and other human occurrences. However, now scientific research is confirming that interacting socially with others, and most notably socialization for seniors, actually can improve the wellness of both brain and body.

The outcomes point clearly to the advantages of friendship and social engagement for older individuals. A study executed by Rush University Medical Center showed that someone who reported a high level of senior socialization was nearly twice as likely to remain free of a disability involving activities of daily living than someone with a minimal amount of social activity, and about one and a half times as likely to remain free of disability involving instrumental activities of daily living or mobility. Very social seniors had a 70% reduction in their rate of cognitive decline when compared with unsocial peers.

Even so, socialization is not instinctive to everyone, and for many, it ends up being harder with age because one’s ability to get around can be greatly reduced. Here are just a few ways a home care agency such as Specialty Care Services can help older adults stay social and improve their wellbeing:

  • Promote attendance at and serve as a personal escort to enjoyable outings including club meetings, community events like fairs, holiday activities and parades, concerts, plays, and sports events, religious services and activities.
  • Share in playing interactive games together such as board games, cards and Nintendo Wii.
  • Plan and schedule visits with neighbors and friends.
  • Provide transportation to an adult day facility or a low impact exercise class.
  • Provide companionship at family celebrations or vacations for optimum safety and comfort.
  • Introduce seniors to social platforms such as Facebook and Skype to enable them to connect with family and friends even if they are homebound.

In the Social Activity and Wellbeing of Older Australians Study, assessing more than 6,000 older adults over about 5-1/2 years, seniors who had ongoing, regular social activity were shown to have a slower decrease in intellectual and memory abilities. Enhanced mental capacity was observed most in seniors who were the most socially active.

Having a qualified home care professional provide in-home care to motivate and aid with socialization for seniors might just be one of the most important ways to help an elderly adult continue to thrive and feel alive. Specialty Care Services’ caregivers are all dedicated to supporting the independence, dignity, and social connection of every senior we serve. To learn more about senior care services and working with a home health aide in Bethesda and nearby areas, you can reach us online or call us at 301-585-6300.


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