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The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug

Many people overlook one ?wonder drug? that is affordable, safe,?available over-the-counter?and?has few side effects.?Can you guess the name of?this??wonder drug ??

Yes, it?s ?that common resident of everyone?s medicine chest: ?Aspirin?.

We all know that Aspirin helps cure mild?headaches and other?minor aches and pains, but studies show that 75 mg of aspirin a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer up to 28 percent.? This drug also reduces the odds of dying from colon cancer?by 40 percent. Not only that, but one aspirin a day has shown to protect memory and cognitive function in older adults. ?A regular dose of aspirin can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer?s up to 55 percent!

Aspirin use goes back 2,000 years.? Medicine made from salicylate-rich plants -the main ingredient in Aspirin ? was being used to treat fevers by the ancient Egyptians. In 400 BC, Hippocrates, the ?father of medicine,? recommended willow bark containing salicylic acid as a treatment for aches and pains and as an analgesic for women in labor.

In addition to being beneficial for brain and colon health, a aspirin regiment can?also be?good for the heart. When someone gets a cut, the platelets in your blood build up to form a ?plug? to stop the bleeding. That?s good! But clotting can also occur in the vessels that supply blood to the heart. That?s bad! One aspirin a day can?help by interfering with the blood’s clotting action.

Only a?Health Professional should?prescribe?daily aspirin therapy to patients.? This is often done for patients?who have had or are at risk of a heart attack, stroke, colon cancer, or angina. ?A Specialty Care Services?home care nursing?professional can assist patients in the adherence?of a prescribed daily?aspirin regiment so that?they?can obtain optimum results.


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