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Take a Walk!

New evidence suggests that not only is sitting all day?leading to obesity, but this continuous lack of activity may also be?hindering?cognitive ability.

Researchers recently studied the effects of walking on memory.? They??compared the performance of participants on?a standard memory test where some subjects were allowed?to?sit and others were instructed to?walk.???The?results indicated that the?memory performance of the subjects that?walked at a?normal pace improved.? Their?results were?compared to the results of?those participants that were seated, and experienced no change in their?memory performance. ?The effect was even?more pronounced among children.

Many?assume that thinking while walking?interupts your concentration and lessens your?focus, but scientists found that walking can?actually?increases your level of concentration.? ?Walking at your own pace rather than at a fixed speed has a positive effect?on memory.? When?walking at an imposed fixed speed, participants were so?focused on maintaining that?pace that their memory was negatively effected.

Not every mental activity is best performed while walking, but research suggests that being too tightly ?chained? to our desk or easy chair is bad for our minds as well as our bodies.

Most of us have experienced the phenomenon of? being stressed and not being able to find a solution to a problem or issue until our?minds are relaxed.? That?s the basis for the ?AHA!? moment.? The?solution to many of?our problems seem to?come to us when we?are engaged in a relaxing activity like?taking a stroll outside.? Studies have shown that even five minutes outdoors?can improve one?s mood and self-esteem.??Taking a walk?can also?relieve stress, which?allows for?more efficient cognitive function. ?A home care nurse can? act as a?companion to accompany you on those relaxing and therapeutic strolls, while ensuring your safety and well being.

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