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About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the main cause of disability in seniors in the United States. It currently affects 27 million Americans, and by 2030, that number is

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Loosing Weight Over 50

It can be hard to lose weight at any age. But for seniors, with slowing metabolisms, declining hormones, and decreased muscle mass, shedding pounds can

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Exercise while watching TV

Most Americans watch television over five hours each day, with many seniors watching much more. But catching up on your latest shows doesn?t mean you

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Seniors and Sleep

Sleep is essential. While we?re sleeping, our bodies can rest up and re-energize. And while older and younger adults both need seven to nine hours

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Aging and Alcohol

Remember the college ?Keg Party? where you could down 6 or 8 beers and still walk a straight line, if you had to? Maybe you?re

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Listening Skills

One of the hardest lessons family members need to learn is that, regardless of the infirmity, many seniors and invalids are still mentally aware, even

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Seniors and Depression

Depression has many causes. In seniors, depression can occur after surgery, because of some chronic illness or disease that limits them physically and mentally, or

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Common Health Problems

1. Physical activity and nutrition. Eating habits are often neglected if you live and eat alone.? Eat nutritious foods and avoid sweets. Physical activity can

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