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Tag: senior home care

Listening Skills

One of the hardest lessons family members need to learn is that, regardless of the infirmity, many seniors and invalids are still mentally aware, even

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Cancer Fighting Foods

Many cancers can be prevented if we maintain a healthy weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Research is discovering what combinations of food

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Take a Nap

Surveys show that more than half of people 75 and older nap at least twice a week.? In fact, napping has important benefits for just

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What is Long Time Care?

Long-term care involves a variety of services for people who need health or personal care for a set amount of?time. The most common type of

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Curing Fatigue with Exercise

It has been reported by the National Cancer Institute that nearly 96% of cancer patients suffer from chronic fatigue.? A recent study from Thomas Jefferson

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