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Tag: Senior Health

About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the main cause of disability in seniors in the United States. It currently affects 27 million Americans, and by 2030, that number is

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Annoying Aliments

Some aliments, while not especially dangerous, can still be annoying and uncomfortable, Here are some common but annoying problems and what you or your Caregiver

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What to ask your Doctor

Smart questions can?mean better answers, which can result in better health. Doctors are always rushed, so patients need to know what questions to ask. Don’t

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You Are What You Eat!

Some people seem to survive cold and flu season with nary a sniffle, while others continually catch colds, have ?stuffed up? noses and hacking coughs.?So

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Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sugar causes more than just tooth decay. It can be addictive. Sugar is found not just in the sugar bowl and cakes and candies, but

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It?s Never Too Late

People are living longer these days, but more of them are developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease that shorten their lives and

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Don’t Touch That!

We touch about 30 germ-harboring surfaces a minute in a single day. Most surfaces at home can be managed by cleaning them, but there?s little

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