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Walking And Jogging

How much exercise do you need when you turn 60, 70 or even 80? The truth is that healthy adults need moderate endurance exercises such

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Anxiety And The Elderly

There are cases when anxiety among senior citizens is diagnosed mistakenly as other issues. Nervousness disorders are two times more common in older folks than

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Benefits Of Yoga Exercises

Many of us are fully aware that regular exercise provides a wide range of health benefits, but many seniors and middle-aged people often feel that

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Dealing With Heart Failure

Consider the following statistics: Almost 5 million Americans are afflicted with congestive heart failure. More than 500,000 new cases are detected annually. CHF affects almost

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Coping With Parkinson?s Disease

Parkinson?s disease has become quite?alarmingly widespread.?Right now, some 1 million Americans have this disorder. This is more than the joint number of patients affected by

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