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Tag: Nursing Care

Family Care or Home Care?

Sometimes when?a senior family member?becomes ill, has an accident or simply?ages, they may require long term nursing care.? ?Families often fall into the ?We’ll do

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Make Your Exercise Work For You

When your?weekly?schedule makes it difficult to attend an exercise class or?take a walk,?don’t give up on exercise for?the entire week.? That’s the time to come

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Walking for Memory

A study published in a recent online issue of Neurology suggests a possible connection between walking and a reduced risk of developing memory problems.? The

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Kicking the Habit Safely

Making the decision to quit smoking is probably one of the best decisions that you will ever make.? Some folks who believe that they?ve been

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Tricks to Get Better Sleep

Restless nights full of mediocre sleep and tossing and turning can leave you feeling worn out and unmotivated all day long.? Even if you?re past

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