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Stay Cool

Whether you believe in ?Global Warming? or not, the fact is temperatures are rising.? Seniors, the elderly and small children are especially susceptible to overheating.

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Super Nutrients that keep you Fit

A menu containing monounsaturated fats will help you slim down by reducing abdominal?fat.? Great sources of monounsaturated fats that also contain antioxidants are olive oil,

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Brain Drains

As we grow older we must be concerned not only about physical fitness but mental??fitness as well.??Keeping the brain active can help slow or even

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The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug

Many people overlook one ?wonder drug? that is affordable, safe,?available over-the-counter?and?has few side effects.?Can you guess the name of?this??wonder drug ?? Yes, it?s ?that common

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A Healthly ?To Do? List

TAKE THIS:? If you have high cholesterol, the combined EPA and DHA fatty acids in fish oil lowers the odds of?heart disease by nearly 20

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The Age of Methuselah?

Scientists think they may be on the verge of slowing down the aging processor, even possibly stopping it altogether by switching off a genetic ?switch?.

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What You Eat Can Make You Depressed

What are??Unhappy Meals???? They are? foods that contain little?to no nutrients.? These foods are full of sugar and dangerous fats that can?lead to?obesity?and depression. Potato

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