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Tag: Nursing Care

?Remember? this Diet!

Recent research seems to show that what you are eating is important for avoiding memory loss. Eating the ?right things? can reduce or prevent the

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The ?Home Care? Dilemma

Some of us are fortunate enough?to age gradually, and in such cases, caring for a senior loved one can be just a family matter, part

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Senior Sleep

Sleep patterns tend to change when we age. Although total sleep time remains the same, it?s often harder to fall asleep, even though you may

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?Let Food be thy Medicine?

That quote from Hippocrates is still good advice, particularly if you have arthritis. Studies show that certain foods help reduce stiffness and tender joints, and

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Scary Things in Your Food

Gatorade has announced that they would be removing the ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (BVO), within the next couple of months. Why? BVO is a flame-retardant

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It?s Never Too Late

People are living longer these days, but more of them are developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease that shorten their lives and

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