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Tag: medicine

Strength Training for Seniors

Does strength training benefit older people? Studies say strengthening workouts are effective and safe even for older people even if some of them are not

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Sweets for Old Persons

Most adults over 70 years develop an excessive yearning for sweets. However, this is not really a nutritional diet for elder men and women. The

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Diet Program for Old Folks

What is an effective diet program for older people? Eat the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, protein, and calories. Dietitians will recommend that a good

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Basic Knowledge about Dementia

Dementia is a medical terminology used to describe warning signs for memory deterioration or failure. It is also a description for waning thinking capabilities which

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Fast Diets that Work

Are you frantic about losing weight? This is a normal goal for people who want to lose excess pounds, detoxify and stay healthy. You can

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Cutting Back On Salt

Going over board with salt consumption can be dangerous ? especially for people over 50. In fact, many experts agree that excess sodium is a

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