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Tag: geriatrics

Coping With Parkinson?s Disease

Parkinson?s disease has become quite?alarmingly widespread.?Right now, some 1 million Americans have this disorder. This is more than the joint number of patients affected by

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Seniors and Falls

Seniors and Falls As seniors age, they become more prone to falling. In fact, one-third of seniors fall each year. Some slip and fall, and

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The ?Home Care? Dilemma

Some of us are fortunate enough?to age gradually, and in such cases, caring for a senior loved one can be just a family matter, part

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Family Care or Home Care?

Sometimes when?a senior family member?becomes ill, has an accident or simply?ages, they may require long term nursing care.? ?Families often fall into the ?We’ll do

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What is Long Time Care?

Long-term care involves a variety of services for people who need health or personal care for a set amount of?time. The most common type of

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