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Make Your Exercise Work For You

When your?weekly?schedule makes it difficult to attend an exercise class or?take a walk,?don’t give up on exercise for?the entire week.? That’s the time to come

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Junk Food Makes You Depressed

You?know that?eating junk food can?lead to??obesity, but did you know it can?cause?depression as well? That is the preliminary findings of a new study. Previously a

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Supermarket Cancer Fighters

Charity may begin at home, but Cancer prevention begins at the Supermarket. There are many common foods that can help prevent cancer. A recent study

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More Seniors Facing Hunger

The Meals on Wheels Research Foundation has released the first annual Senior Hunger Report Card to rate the nation?s performance in eradicating hunger.? The summary

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Potential Diet Soda Dangers

Millions of Americans turn to diet soda as a healthier, but still flavorful, alternative to full calorie sodas when looking to reach or maintain a

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Freshen Up Your Diet

Even with all of the advertisements, warnings and health recommendations a shockingly low percentage of Americans are eating the recommended daily amount of fruits and

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