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About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the main cause of disability in seniors in the United States. It currently affects 27 million Americans, and by 2030, that number is

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Protect Your Knees

Our knees get a lot of use. From running, walking, climbing, bending, lifting, and kicking, if we?re in motion, chances are our knees are too.

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?Tuning In? to Mind and Body

New studies show that being physically active as you age may stop ?brain shrinkage? more than just mental exercise alone. Brain shrinkage is a process

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Yoga as Therapy

Most of us know that regular exercise provides a wide range of health benefits, but many seniors and mid lifers?often feel that the traditional exercises

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Make Your Exercise Work For You

When your?weekly?schedule makes it difficult to attend an exercise class or?take a walk,?don’t give up on exercise for?the entire week.? That’s the time to come

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How to Exercise after 40

Exercise can help prevent Alzheimer’s,?strokes, and increase?life expectancy. But getting older means we need to be smarter about exercise. Here?are some?exercise tips?to keep you moving

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Curing Fatigue with Exercise

It has been reported by the National Cancer Institute that nearly 96% of cancer patients suffer from chronic fatigue.? A recent study from Thomas Jefferson

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